Lighting Solutions & Electrical Contractors

People usually do not consider lighting when they begin remodeling their home. The proper lighting solutions can make a home feel more spacious, clean and welcoming. Linden-Marshall Contracting offers unique and innovative lighting solutions for Manhattan NYC or any surrounding state for every room of your home or office. Designed to combine top performance and energy efficiency with contemporary design and aesthetic beauty, we can solve any lighting solution task you require.

Decorate your living areas with more than just furniture and paint – make a statement through lighting. When reading or working on a computer in the office, task lighting options can focus on the area you are using. Task lights generally use energy efficient halogen or fluorescent bulbs. Many home owners are choosing to upgrade lighting in their apartments to create a more dramatic appearance of their rooms.

Lighting Solutions for Manhattan NYC Apartments and Office Space

Linden-Marshall Contracting has many lighting solutions for NYC apartments and offices so you can have a large selection to pick from to match your taste as well as your budget. Make a perfect addition to any home with a chandelier, wall mount lights, track lighting and other choice fixtures. Create a living canvas throughout your Manhattan apartment with lighting from different angles of the room – not just from above. Add dimmers to obtain more control over room lighting from a bright natural light to a soft ambiance.

Contact Linden-Marshall today for some fresh ideas and a free estimate. You might be surprised by the lighting solutions we can offer!

Our Electrical Contractor Services for Manhattan and All NYC include:

  • Full Wiring All to Code
  • Additional Lighting Fixtures
  • Energy Efficient – Environmentally Friendly Solutions
  • Dimmers
  • Track Lighting
  • Hi-Hats